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Welcome Julie
Employee records
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Q1 2016
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Welcome Julie


ABBS has added a Bookkeeper to help assist more people & businesses in a efficient manner.

Welcome Julie.

Julie will be the new Account Manager on some of the new accounts and will assist when needed with current clients. Julie started with ABBS in March 2017, but we waited to tell you all till she was comfortable with ABBS expectations.

Kristina will still review and oversee all accounts, so now all clients are getting 2 for the price of 1 in our services.

Please welcome Julie to ABBS, we are happy to have her on board!

Employee records

How long should you keep employee records?
It is recommended that you keep records for a minimum of 5 years.
That means that you keep records of their employment documents, beginning and ending dates, hours worked, wages paid, reason they lost/left the job, any disciplinary actions, their e-verify (if your state performs) & of course any documents they provided you. 

It is recommended that you keep these documents in a locked location since identity theft would be easier with these forms.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Hey Everyone - I am excited to say that ABBS has gone about 90% virtual with its clientele. I'm excited because that saves everyone time, paper and ultimately money.

ABBS is closing it's physical location on 6/24/2016 on Vincent Drive Mount Pleasant SC.

But no worries, if you still want to see my shining face, I am happy to connect via Skype, Oovoo or meet up locally to discuss your needs. And of course, you all know you can email or call me.

Please note the mailing address has changed. Message me for that update.

Q1 2016

Ok! Where did the first quarter of 2016 go? That was fast!!

I hope you completed your 2015 tax returns and have checked that off the list of to-do's. Now that you have done that you can look at Q1 2015 and compare it to your 1st Quarter 2016 and see how things are going. What are the numbers telling you? Do you need to make changes? Are you doing exceptionally well and need to review your estimated taxes for next quarter?

Just a friendly reminder to keep reviewing those numbers and let their story guide you in what you need to be thinking about.

Mileage 2016

Mileage for Year 2016 is
54 cents per mile for Business
19 cents per mile for Medical
19 cents per mile for moving
14 cents per mile for Charity

Let us know if you have any questions.

Jan 2016

Hey There, 
How is the new year starting off? Did you get your budget done? Did you review your 2015 yet? Did you make a plan based on what your 2015 accounting told you?

However you look at it, you need to look at it to make it useful. Please take time to review your accounting and use that information to make 2016 better than your 2015. Accountable Bookkeeping & Business Services LLC would enjoy the opportunity to help you understand your accounting and the true life story it is telling you.

Year End

Merry Christmas...

This time of year is so very busy. But the New Year brings all those end of year and new year to do's. Please get with your CPA or Accountant soonest and find out what to-do's may be on your list.


Cheers to 2016!!


Stay Safe Charleston

With all the flooding in Charleston and surrounding areas - I hope you all are staying safe at home.

This is a good time to review all your insurance policies to make sure all your items are covered in a natural flood.

Also a good time to review your document storage options. Maybe its time to go digital or use the cloud so that if your paper documents are ruined you have electronic ones as a back up for flood or fire or theft reasons.

Again, hope you all are safe and healthy.

Half Way through 2015

We are half way through 2015 already, can you believe that? How are you coming on your business goals so far?

I have accomplished one of mine - moving the business to a larger office - DONE in Feb 2015. It has been a great experience to date and have accomplished so much more in this new location. Not to mention all the new friends and acquaintances with being on the Coleman side of Mount Pleasant.

Have you reviewed what your financial statements are telling you? This is a great time to review those numbers and make sure your plan & budget are still agreeable.


Hello! Happy 2015!

This message is short & to the point...Are you Ready?

Better to start thinking about tax returns and getting ready for them now than in April (or March if you are a corp). Nothing like that panic feeling of needing something for the return on the eve of the deadline. Start now, get things together, make a list of those you know you need to have info from (your 1099's, your stock statements, your HSA statements, your P&L up to date, ect.) and have it to your accountant or CPA by Feb 1st.
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